Fitness Franchise Marketing Systems

Your Own Professionally Designed Website That Drives Primed Prospects Straight Through Your Doors

With delicate attention to every square inch of content, and after dozens of trials, iterations and tests, we’ve created a website that reliably converts uncommitted visitors into easily convertible leads. And each new location receives access to this powerful tool.

By the time a prospective client walks into your boot camp they already know you, your name and your story; they know what your boot camp looks like, they know what your workouts are like, they know how memberships work, and they’re ready to sign up.

Our expert web development team will set up your FBBC website and optimize it so that it’s easy to find, gets you leads, and fills your gym with clients. We understand that 80% of leads come from the internet these days and that’s why we’ve dedicated a big team of web developers, designers, coders, and search engine optimization experts to build out, maintain, and always improve your FBBC website

Masterfully Crafted Email Marketing Campaigns With Proven Conversion Power

The best form of marketing today is online marketing. And email marketing is the backbone of any successful online fitness marketing campaign. It’s also one of the most difficult systems to create. Luckily for you, though, we’ve already created some of the highest converting promotions in the business. Which means all you have to do is hit send and watch the clients roll in.

Using a combination of our opt-in forms, lead generators and advertising, your list of prospect and client emails will rapidly expand— that’s where our email campaigns come in. These carefully structured auto-responders deliver a powerful combination of content and offers that convert your ‘maybes’ to ‘yeses’ without you typing a single word.

Email Promo of the Month

Each month we’ll give you professionally crafted emails to mail out that are designed to get you leads and prospects. These marketing emails are all done-for-you; you simply cut, paste, send, and watch the leads come in!

Groupon Set-Up and Maintenance

FBBC will set up and maintain your Groupon promotion to help you fill your gym with qualified leads and clients. You won’t have to worry about setting up your Groupon promotion or answering calls and emails – our trained operators will take all of your incoming calls and emails from Groupon prospects so that you can focus on training your clients and growing your business.

Access to the FBBC In-House Ad Agency

We believe in making your business as done-for-you as possible, and that’s why we make our in-house ad agency available to our FBBC gym owners. Online and social media marketing can be challenging and time consuming, but not when you let our certified social media ad experts set up and manage your Facebook and online advertising so that you can focus on signing up new clients and training them!

In-House Public Relations and Press Department

At your service! Ready to announce that FBBC is coming to your town? Our in-house press department will write up a professional press release for you to distribute to local media. Whether you’re just opening up, celebrating your first year in business, or hitting a milestone of 100, 200, or 300 clients, our Public Relations team is there for you and ready to write your press release and get you local media attention and publicity.

Content Marketing That Drives Traffic to Your Website and Optimizes it For the Best Search Engines

Expertly written press and blog articles, professionally produced films and videos, search engine marketing and social media marketing that gets your website ranked at the top of the best search engines so that your site receives traffic of the highest quality.

But that’s not all…

We also provide done-for-you local marketing resources like ready to use postcards, flyers, tri-folds, door hanger, gift cards, lead boxes and more to take the guess work out of marketing your FBBC location in your community.

Access to High Quality FBBC Gear

Make more money and spread your brand throughout your community with our custom designed, seasonal FBBC shirts, tank tops, hats, and gear. We source top quality gear and hire experts to create custom, branded gear that you and your clients will love to wear!

Social Media Systems That Operate Day and Night to Churn Out Unlimited Referrals, Prospects, and Clients

We’ll show you exactly how to utilize your business Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, and Twitter accounts to get the word out about your boot camp and bring in new clients on a regular basis.

We’ll not only walk you through organic and paid advertising– we’ll actually set up your ads for you so that you can focus on managing your business and staff.

FBBC Fan Page Setup and Autoposting

We’ve dedicated a team of social media marketing experts to properly build out and promote your Fan Page and to raise social awareness and create a buzz as you get ready to open up your FBBC gym. This gives you a massive edge in marketing and will help you fill up your FBBC gym with motivated clients once your doors open. Plus, we use all the latest tools and tactics to make sure your page swiftly climbs the rankings in search engines.

When we say done-for-you we mean DONE-FOR-YOU. Not only will we set up and promote your Facebook fan page, we’ll even post motivational images and useful content twice a day to keep your Facebook followers engaged and interested in your FBBC gym!

Ongoing Search Engine and Social Media Optimization

One of the biggest things that separates Fit Body Boot Camp from all other businesses is our fanatical dedication to online and social media marketing and positioning. We know that the Internet is responsible for 80% of successful advertising these days and that’s why we invest a lot of time and money in making sure that your FBBC website is ranking high, well-designed, and getting you massive exposure on search engines and on social media!