FBBC's Powerful Workouts

You Don’t Have to Be a Gym Junkie to Look Like One

Everyone wants to look like they’re at the gym all day but a basic gym membership isn’t right for most people. Luckily, there’s more than one way to lose weight and get a fit body.

And that’s what makes Fit Body Boot Camp so special: Our Afterburn workouts bring people incredible results without ever having to step foot in a conventional and intimidating big box gym. This approach makes healthy living and a fit body available to a huge segment of the population that would ordinarily never willingly enter a gym.

Fit Body Boot Camp also makes the personal service and results that you’d get with a certified personal trainer affordable to a larger part of the population by providing fun, high energy personal training sessions in an affordable group training boot camp program.

Individualization Makes Our Workouts Perfect for Anyone

Our exercises start and stop the clock. This is called “time under tension” and it ensures that your clients will work out at the intensity that’s best for their fitness level and workout experience. And with certified trainers who are familiar with clients’ fitness journeys, clients are encouraged just as hard as they should be without ever demanding too much or risking injury.

There’s no pressure or competition and we’re never about comparison– just results. This personal attention helps guarantee results, and those incredible results will keep your boot camps full of clients.

What’s the Secret to Fit Body Boot Camp’s Incredible Results?

We call it the Unstoppable Fitness Formula™ for a reason. By incorporating High-Intensity Interval Training, along with Time Under Tension, your clients achieve Afterburn results. At Fit Body Boot Camp our Afterburn workouts burn twice the calories in half the time.

While traditional workouts only burn calories while you’re doing them, Fit Body Boot Camp’s Afterburn workouts burn twice the calories in the same amount of time— but here’s the best part… your clients will continue to burn even more calories up to 32 hours after their workout thanks to the scientifically proven Afterburn workouts that are proprietary to Fit Body Boot Camp locations.

Impassioned Trainers Hold Clients Accountable

Merely purchasing access to gym equipment or machines never made a single person get in shape— gym memberships alone offer zero accountability.

But as soon as someone signs up for Boot Camp they’ve signed onto a complete accountability system that provides goal setting, monthly fitness evaluations, accountability, motivation, and support.

Our members can’t simply skip boot camp, they can’t just decide not to come. Because the day they miss is the day their trainer will be calling them, asking why they weren’t at boot camp. And because we workout in groups, clients never feel alone or alienated.

Group support keeps boot camp members going even when they’re ready to quit. It’s this sense of community that keeps your clients on board and on track for success!

Personalized Nutrition That Doesn’t Require Counting Calories or Going Hungry

You can’t out train a bad diet. But eating right is one of the most difficult habits for people to adopt. That’s why the Unstoppable Fitness Formula™ includes personalized nutritional guidance from certified professionals.

And our meal plans don’t rely on tasteless ingredients or starvation. We teach our clients how to eat and eat right, so they can stay satisfied and change their bodies without having to endure yet another diet or counting calories.